Bankruptcy annulment

If a Bankruptcy Order has been made against you, then it may be possible to apply to the Court to ...



Because of the potentially grave consequences of being made bankrupt, you'll need ...


IVA - Individual Voluntary Arrangement

If you have already been made bankrupt it may not be too late to propose an IVA. You can still...


Litigation for Personal Insolvency Practitioners

Typical insolvency litigation cases dealt with by the team include: Transactions at an ...


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High Court goes digital

As of 25 April 2017, Courts within the Chancery division of the High Court in London have switched so that all applications, forms and documents must be performed electronically. However, ...


Liquidator proof of debt: who is liable for costs of an appeal?

Please note that the Insolvency Rules 1986 as quoted in this article reflect the law as it stood prior to 6 April 2017 and the introduction of the new insolvency rules.  Background Th...