Operating at the most senior levels of a business creates continual challenges and sometimes things go wrong. 

We advise senior executives on their employment rights and together with our commercial colleagues, can deal with the complex issues being a director, shareholder and employee in a business can bring.

In the worst case scenario you may need to leave the business and taking proper advice on this process, to protect your position, is important. You may have been offered a settlement agreement which we can advise you on, so that you receive the best deal possible on leaving your employment.

If on exit, you are restricted by who you can work for and deal with in the future, we can offer advice on the associated risks and help to defend you, should your employer issue an injunction, stopping you from working for a competitor.

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“Thank you so much for all of your assistance, advice and support with yesterday and the entire proceedings. I appreciate everything you did and am so relieved and happy by the result. There are lots of times I wanted to give up and you gave me the confidence to keep strong and I can't thank you enough.”

Senior executive, large multinational company.