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Neelam Khaleel – Solicitor

Neelam Khaleel

Neelam started her training contract in 2019 and qualified as a Solicitor in 2021 joining our Property Team.


Why did you apply for a training contract with Actons?

On my search for a Training Contract, Actons stood out to me with their fantastic reputation in Nottingham as an independent firm. I quickly became aware that the firm was growing through new recruitment of trainees and internal promotions. This was encouraging and motivated me to apply to a firm that provides opportunities for their staff to progress within the firm. The firm also specialised in a diverse range of areas that I was interested in gaining more exposure to and I decided that this was the change that I wanted.


What path did you take to become a trainee?

I completed my Law degree at Nottingham Trent University. After graduating, I was offered a position as a paralegal working in a niche area of Property law. I worked full time whilst studying the LPC part-time, this was difficult however it allowed me to gain hands-on experience whilst studying.

When I learned about Actons, I applied for their 2020 Training Contract and was successful. As my Training Contract was not due to commence for another two years I decided to move to Actons as a Paralegal in their Property team. Just under a year and a half later I was offered a Training Contract to commence in November 2019 rather than September 2020.


Describe your experience as a trainee at Actons?

Working directly with experienced and specialised property lawyers I have had the opportunity to get involved in a variety of transactions both in residential and commercial property.

Due to my previous property experience, I have been involved in a higher level of interesting work. I am beginning to run my own files under supervision, draft complex documents and attend client meetings. My progress is regularly reviewed and I am set tasks to build on my skills and develop my knowledge. I am constantly being challenged and learning new things, which makes each day very different.


What advice can you offer applicants for training contracts at Actons?

Competition to secure a Training Contract is difficult and it takes a lot of perseverance until you have finally bagged yourself one.

What worked for me was ensuring that I gained and also made the most of my experience. Working hard towards achieving good grades is great, but nothing is more valuable than having hands-on experience and creating a foundation of skills that you can build upon when you kick start your legal career. Whether that be a vacation scheme, work experience for a week or volunteering. Your experience is also something you can draw upon in your application and expand on in your interview when discussing what makes you the ideal candidate.

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