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Tenant evicted owing thousands in unpaid rent


In this case, we were contacted by a landlord who lived in Banbury with a property in Western Super Mare.  The tenant owed more than £7,000 in rent despite promising on numerous occasions that funds would be made available from an imminent divorce settlement.

How we helped

We issued a Section 8 Notice (Stage One) which resulted in the tenant leaving the property, however, the tenant still owed substantial rent arrears.

After some investigatory work, we traced the whereabouts of the former tenant and established the details of the family property which was involved in the divorce settlement, and had been promised would settle the outstanding rent arrears.

Court proceedings (Stage Two) were then issued and a Judgment was obtained for the outstanding rent arrears.  A legal charge was registered against the former tenant’s interest in the family property.

The result

The landlord received all the outstanding rent arrears due and payable before the former tenant receiving the half share of funds due following the divorce settlement.


For more information or advice on evicting non-paying tenants, please contact tenant eviction specialist Yvonne Thomas on 0115 9 100 235 or click here to send her an email.

Posted on August 24, 2017

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