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Client charter & quality policy

As part of our commitment to delivering quality legal advice under the LawNet Excellence Mark.

We continually strive to provide an excellent standard of service.

As a demonstration of our commitment, we will:

  • Be professional and friendly.
  • Ensure that we fully understand the matter which you need our assistance with and your desired outcome.
  • Explain in writing the services we will provide to you to, any relevant time scale we will work to and provide timely progress updates.
  • Confirm in writing the name of the person who will deal with your matter and how you can contact them during office hours or leave a message for them outside office hours.
  • Confirm in writing our fee and charging structures, our best estimate of the fee for your matter and the other terms on which we will act for you.
  • Provide invoices that clearly explain the services we have provided and the sum invoiced.
  • Explain in writing what you can do if at any time you are not satisfied with the way your matter is being dealt with.
  • Ensure that you fully understand the legal issues relevant to your matter, and provide advice in a format that suits you.
  • Respond to your communications to us, or acknowledge them providing a timeframe for a response, wherever possible within one working day.
  • Respond to your communications within any reasonable timeframe that you request.
  • Discuss with you as soon as reasonably possible if it becomes apparent that our original fee estimate will be exceeded.
  • Survey our clients and welcome their opinions to find out how satisfied they are with us.
  • Test ourselves with ‘mystery shopper’ and other client care exercises.
  • Maintain the resources required to provide an excellent standard of service.
  • Ensure that our staff are properly trained and to provide a positive working environment for them.
  • Maintain our externally audited ISO 9001 accreditation.

In return, to allow us to provide you with an excellent service, we need you to co-operate with our reasonable requests.

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