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Important changes for residential landlords

Residential tenants given extra protection against evictions

Some important changes taking effect from 1 October 2015 will alter a tenant’s protection from evictions.

If you’re a residential landlord, the new “De-Regulation Act 2015” will restrict your ability to serve a Section 21 notice in circumstances where the tenant has complained about the condition of the premises or the common parts of a building.

This applies if you, the Landlord:

  • Did not respond within 14 days
  • Provided an inadequate response
  • Responded by serving a Section 21 notice.

There are circumstances when a tenant will not be able to take advantage of these changes, including:

  • The tenant is in breach of their duty to use the premises in a tenant like manner
  • the dwelling house is genuinely on the market for sale when the Section 21 notice is issued
  • The landlord is a private registered provider of social housing
  • The property has a mortgage which was granted before the tenancy began, the mortgagee is entitled to exercise a power of sale and requires possession.

The new legislation also introduces an obligation on you as a landlord, to provide information about the respective rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and the Tenant under the AST Agreement.  The Landlord will be prevented from giving a Section 21 Notice when it is in breach of this requirement.

Details of how it applies

These new rules will apply to ASTs granted on or after 1 October 2015. They will not apply to a fixed term AST granted prior to that date even if, after 1 October 2015, the fixed term AST becomes a statutory periodic tenancy.

The position changes, however, after the end of the period of three years, at which point the provisions will apply to any AST in existence.

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Posted on July 8, 2015

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