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Brexit and Employment Law in 60 seconds

You won’t have missed the fact that the UK is set to leave the EU at some point.  You may also have seen several lengthy updates on what this could mean for employment law!  Here’s a shorter one.

Lots of the UK’s employment law comes from the EU, and when we leave, the UK government could decide to get rid of it.  But it’s more likely that lots will stay the same with a government making gradual changes to things, so they’re more attractive for UK business.

Here’s a very quick summary of what might happen:

  • Discrimination – removing the Equality Act would be controversial and very unlikely to happen.  A cap on discrimination compensation might be introduced.
  • Working Time – possible change to the 48 hour working week and calculations of holiday pay.
  • Agency worker regulations – one area lots of people are predicting might change / be removed. Unpopular and complicated legislation!
  • TUPE – despite unpopularity in some cases, businesses seem to have accepted the certainty of TUPE.  Possible changes to allow ‘harmonisation’ of employee terms and conditions after a transfer.
  • Collective redundancy consultation – some changes might be possible but removal seems unlikely.  Works councils might be more likely to be removed.

Time will tell where we end up with all of this.  It’s a case of watch this space!

P.s. it’s worth remembering that until we leave the EU nothing governed by EU law can be changed and it will still apply!

Posted on July 11, 2016

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