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Mental health in the workplace

This year we’ve seen an increased awareness of mental health, from a national mental health awareness week, to the ‘heads together’ campaign.

Recent research shows that 82% of employers believe they could do more to address mental health at work (CIC, September 2017)  and as many as 1 in 3 UK employees are working with anxiety, depression or stress (PWC,  July 2017).

Poor mental health affects both employee and employer,  but there are a few steps that can be taken to ensure that issues are managed well:

  • Staff training, teach managers how to recognise the signs of a potential mental health problem and best support colleagues.
  • Regular reviews, giving employees the opportunity to raise any concerns they have.
  • Encourage staff to take breaks and consider flexible working where appropriate.
  • Take advice on what adjustments may be necessary for staff.

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Posted on October 10, 2017

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