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Effectively managing sickness absence: Part Three

Important aspects of managing sickness absence

In our third blog post on managing sickness absence, we uncover which aspect of managing sickness absence is considered most important.

In the previous two blogs we looked at the results from polls at the East Midlands HR Network event in 2018 on ‘Effectively Managing Sickness Absence’. They covered views from HR professionals on the cost of sickness absence to the UK economy by 2020, and the most common causes of sickness absence for organisations.

The session covered issues such as unfair dismissal and sickness versus disability – which has often proved a tricky distinction for employers.


What were the results?

As Nic and James delved further into the potential methods for dealing with absence, it became clear that preparation is key by ensuring good internal procedures are in place.

Preparation in the form of prevention was also perceived as a significant method for managing the issue.



Interestingly, none of the HR professionals attending chose ‘taking medical advice’ as the most important aspect of managing sickness absence. This is surprising given the vital role good medical advice plays in properly dealing with these issues.

If you need help preventing or managing sickness absence in your organisation, please contact Nic Elliott and James Symons.

Posted on April 25, 2019

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