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Four-Day Working Week Trial A Major Success

The trial, which began on 06 June 2022 and was led by 4 Day Week Global, involved over 61 participating companies who agreed to reduce the working hours for their employees down to 32 hours per week with no reduction in pay, in return for these employees “committing to 100% productivity”.

A report that analysed the impacts of the trial identified a number of benefits relating  to the happiness and well-being of the employees who participated. A survey of participants was conducted before and after the trial and found that:

  • 39% reported that they were less stressed after the change;
  • 40% were sleeping better; and
  • 54% found it easier to balance their home and work life.

Whilst productivity and business performance remained consistent, the participating companies also saw a number of benefits:

  • Sick days fell by about 66%; and
  • 57% fewer staff left the companies, compared to the same period the previous year.

With 92% of the participating companies choosing to maintain this four-day work week policy and the trial itself being lauded as a major breakthrough, its findings will be presented to the government as part of a wider effort to promote this policy on a national scale.

Although the government has not yet made any commitments or decisions in relation to this trial, it is likely that its results will create more interest and discussion around the four-day working week policy.

What are your thoughts on this policy? Have you implemented or considered implementing a shorter working week for your employees? Would you consider it based on these results? Are there any issues or concerns that are making you hesitant to do so?

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Posted on March 21, 2023

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