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The HRD Talks podcast – Episode 9 now live!

Episode 9: Karen Jewell, Director, HR and Organisational Development at Equip UK Technologies Ltd

In this episode, Karen Jewell, Director, HR and Organisational Development at Equip UK Technologies Ltd shares her career journey from HR roles in the energy sector, to HR Director at Derby City Council, to leading the people strategy for the Rab and Lowe Alpine outdoor apparel and equipment performance brands.

Karen talks about her experience at Equip during COVID, taking brave decisions to continue buying and fulfilling orders where others couldn’t, and creating opportunities from the challenges faced at that time.

Nic asks Karen about the extraordinary growth of the Rab and Lowe Alpine brands in the last few years, with turnover reaching in excess of £100 million. Karen explains how the business has also significantly grown its headcount using the strength of their brand, LinkedIn for recruitment, focusing on retention, and utilising their employees as ambassadors.

Karen tells Nic about her approach to wellbeing at Equip, training “wellbeing champions”, signing up to the UK Thrive at Work charter, and partnering with a specialist mental health and wellbeing service for colleagues, taking a proactive approach to the issue.  Karen also shares Equip’s strategy on sustainability and how they have authentically embraced this important issue, becoming climate neutral in 2019, and aiming for net zero by 2030.

Karen gives her honest view on the HR profession and shares her advice for those who might be considering it as a career.  She also explains her views on women in leadership and how best to demonstrate value to the organisation you’re working with.

This episode was recorded at the beginning of 2023.


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Posted on December 4, 2023

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