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The HRD Talks Podcast 🎧 Season 2 Episode 1 is now LIVE!

Season 2 Episode 1:

Vicky Walker, Group Director of People at Westfield Health

In this episode Vicky Walker, Group Director of People at Westfield Health shares her career journey, including 20+ years at Tesco and working her way up to her current role at Westfield.

Vicky shares her thoughts on the profession, ranging from “toilet rolls to disciplinaries” and explains her more strategic role as Director of People.  Nic asks Vicky about their success winning best employer awards and the journey towards platinum Investors in People.

Vicky and Nic also discuss the “coaching culture” at Westfield and the focus on wellbeing, keeping in mind the mantra of practicing what they preach!  Nic talks to Vicky about her views on hybrid working, Artificial Intelligence, and the cost of living crisis.

Vicky shares some great advice to HR professionals starting their career and to those looking to take the step up to the People Director.  Vicky also talks about the importance of building a professional network and some tips for doing that well.  Nic and Vicky cover avoiding “HR fads” and ensuring that you are evidence and data based!

Supplier shout-out: Drew Povey

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Posted on February 1, 2024

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