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The HRD Talks Podcast 🎧 | S2. Ep2. Neil Morrison at Severn Trent

In this episode, Nic is joined by Neil Morrison, Group HR Director at Severn Trent.

Neil shares his career journey from the NHS to Argos, through to Penguin Random House Publishing, and then Severn Trent.

Neil shares his thoughts on good work, the importance of creating jobs, and organisations looking after their workforce. Neil talks about how Severn Trent have sought to take 100,000 people out of poverty by providing employment or the skills to find jobs elsewhere.

Nic asks Neil about the future of work, and Neil predicts that Nic will be replaced by AI! Neil also highlights that the future of work looks different for different parts of the workforce, and cautions us against buying into HR myths!

Neil shares his thoughts on “HR group think” and how he believes we need a data and evidence based approach to the world of work. Neil discusses the challenge of bringing social policy into the workplace and the potential dangers of “bringing your whole self to work”.

Neil talks about “societal impact” and the challenges the water sector has faced in recent years.

Neil talks about the privilege that it is to be an HR professional and shares his advice for those looking to progress in their career.

Neil shares his thoughts on the importance of line managers and the impact they can have on teams. He talks to Nic about the psychological side of managing people and the importance of understanding the impact of actions on an individual and the wider workforce.

Neil and Nic discuss the importance of honest conversations and the value in being able to say sorry!


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Posted on April 4, 2024

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