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Pricing Transparency – Guide to Overseas VAT

Please note that the addition of vat to our charges is governed by very complicated statutory provisions and extra-statutory guidance. We have set out a general guide below.


Services directly relating to land or property within the UK have VAT at the current rate, added to our charges irrespective of where the customer belongs or whether they are a business or not.

Probate / Estates

Services in the general administration or winding up of a deceased’s estate, even if that estate includes land or property are not made to beneficiaries but to the estate – this is seen as whoever is appointed executor or administrator, although they may also be a beneficiary.

The place where the client belongs is deemed to be where the supply is made. Charges for services that we deliver in connection with winding up of a deceased’s estate where the client belongs in the UK have VAT added at the current rate. Where the client belongs elsewhere no VAT is added.

If there are land-related services included within estate work then we would need to identify if the work relating to land is ancillary. We would advise of the VAT position accordingly once we receive full details of the estate.

Employment Tribunals & Debt Recovery

Services relating to employment and debt recovery for VAT purposes are deemed to be supplied where the supply is made to. Charges for services that we deliver to a client (business or individual) belonging within the UK are charged with VAT added at the current rate.

Charges for services to individuals or businesses who belong somewhere outside of the UK do not have VAT added at the current rate. The supply of services in this instance is outside the scope of UK VAT.

Articles & Events

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