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Commercial Property Dilapidations

If you lease a commercial property you’re generally obliged to keep and return the property to the landlord in a particular condition. We can assist landlords or tenants in striving to achieve their goals.

When a commercial property lease is agreed, we can advise the landlord or tenant on how to reduce the risk of commercial property disputes. In the unfortunate event that a property dispute arises at the end of a lease, we can help with any claims.

The extent of the tenant’s dilapidations obligations can vary depending on the details of the lease.

Sometimes it can be limited to the condition of the property at the start of the lease, through to a full repairing obligation. In that case, as the tenant, you’re responsible for putting the property into a good state of repair, including the roof, even if that results in the property being in a better state than at the start of the lease.

Leases may also require the tenant to remove alterations from the property which are not strictly dilapidations but are often caught up in a “dilapidations claim”.

Landlord’s want their property to be in the best possible state for its next tenant or possible onward sale, without incurring major costs for repairing and decorating.

The tenant doesn’t want to pay over the odds or return the property in a better condition than the landlord is entitled to expect under the terms of the lease.

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