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Settlement Agreements for Employees

Have you been offered a settlement agreement by your employer and are unsure of what to do next?

Our specialist employment law team can help you with practical and impartial legal advice, tailored to your individual needs, to successfully negotiate the terms of your settlement agreement.

The settlement may be offered out of the blue, or as part of a known restructuring activity. Our employment team will support you through the process either way.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to being approachable and down to earth. We replace jargon and ambiguity with plain English to make sure you’re left with a clear understanding of what the agreement means for you before anything is signed and becomes legally binding.


What is a settlement agreement?

Settlement agreements, redundancy or severance agreements and previously ‘compromise agreements’ are all the same thing.  It’s a legally binding contract which set out the terms of the settlement with your employer. By signing, you agree to waive your rights to pursuing particular claims against them.


Settlement agreements – Do I need a solicitor?

You must take independent legal advice before signing your settlement agreement to make it legally binding. Therefore, we recommend speaking to our specialist employment solicitors. If anything is unclear or if you need to negotiate the terms of the agreement to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal that works for you, we can help.


How much will it cost?

Usually, your employer will offer a contribution to the costs of seeking independent legal advice as part of the agreement. This contribution will typically cover our costs. However, in some more complicated circumstances, the costs may be higher. We will explain this to you and try to negotiate a higher contribution from the employer in the first instance.


For more information about how we can help you, please contact our team for a no-obligation discussion.

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