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Stage 1 – Serve Notice on Tenant

At stage one, to evict tenants we will issue the tenant with a Section 8 or Section 21 Notice.

We will send the Notice to each tenant individually. Either the Section 8 or Section 21 Notice must have expired before you can move onto stage 2 – issue possession proceedings at court.

Section 8 Notice – Price: £200 plus. VAT.

This will give the tenant 2 weeks notice that they must either pay the outstanding rent arrears or you will obtain possession of your property – eviction.

Section 21 Notice  – Price: £150 plus. VAT.

This will give the tenant 2 months notice that you will be terminating the tenancy agreement and they must leave the property. If they do not, you will evict them. If you use the Section 21 Notice you will not be able to claim any unpaid rent.

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"I am a buy to let landlord with a mixed 25 property portfolio. The nature of my business is such that I need to have access to good, reliable legal services on a fairly regular basis. To be honest, I discovered Actons Solicitors by pure chance on the internet, when I needed some legal help in an emergency. That was about 4 years ago and, since that time, I have developed a very good professional relationship with Yvonne, whose legal advocacy has been prompt, accurate and reliable and very pleasantly delivered! Thank-you Yvonne."
Jeff Butcher, Landlord

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