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We understand that going through a divorce or separation is an extremely difficult time and that you will need advice which is tailored to your personal circumstances.

Our experienced divorce solicitor, Mike Spencer, can help find a solution whether it lies in mediation, negotiation or court proceedings.

We have a wealth of experience on divorce and in finding financial solutions as well as dealing with arrangements for children.

To get divorced you must have been married for at least one year, can show that your marriage has broken down and is beyond repair, and is based on one of five grounds – find out more below.

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  • How long does it take to get divorced?

    It can take between four to six months to obtain a Decree Absolute - the final Order which ends the marriage. If your spouse defends the divorce it can take longer.

  • What are the five grounds for divorce?

    Adultery, Unreasonable behaviour, Desertion, Lived apart for more than 2 years, or Lived apart for more than 5 years.

  • What is a Decree Absolute?

    It's the the final document that legally ends the marriage. The Decree Absolute replaces the Marriage Certificate and will need to be used as proof in the event of any future remarriage.

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