At Actons, we will take away the burden of estate administration, allowing you the time to concentrate on what matters: the well-being of you and your family.

Our experienced and understanding team will give you the support, clear advice and gentle guidance you need.

Our team of specialist probate solicitors will steer you through all of the legal obligations that are placed on Executors.  Where tax needs to be paid - we will make sure that the correct amount is paid, at the right time, and we’ll identify if there are any opportunities to reduce the amount of tax.

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What is meant by the term "estate"?

The money, possessions, investments and property of a deceased person is called their "estate".

Do all estate’s require a Grant of Representation?

A grant of representation is issued by the Probate Registry to the person entitled to deal with the estate. Whether a grant is required at all will depend on the value and the nature of the assets which comprise the estate.

What’s the difference between a Grant of Probate and a Grant of Letters of Administration?

A Grant of Probate is issued to an Executor named in a Will. If there is no will, a Grant of Letters od Administration is issued to the person entitled by law to deal with the estate (known as the Administrator(s)). These are the two most common type of Grant of Representation although there are many others which may be issued in more unusual circumstances.

I have been appointed as an Executor in a Will, do I have to take on this responsibility?

No - even though you may been appointed in the Will, provided you have not started to administer the estate yourself. Once you are started to deal with the estate you must finish the estate administration. However as an executor you are always free to consult and take advice from a solicitor and the costs of this will usually be paid by the estate.

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