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Terms of Business

A solid, legally compliant set of terms of business that are tailored to fit, are vital if your business buys and/or sells goods or services.

Most businesses use standard terms of business, usually terms and conditions for the sale of goods or the supply of services. Whatever the nature of your business, we will work with you to produce or review standard terms of business that improve your legal position in your trading relationships.

For many businesses, your terms of business will be the most important commercial contract document you will ever invest in.  Get it wrong and your business may find itself unable to repossess unpaid goods when a customer becomes insolvent or may find yourself exposed to unlimited liabilities in the event of late supply or the supply of defective products. For these reasons, we take standard terms of business very seriously.

On many occasions we see standard terms of business fail because they have simply not been incorporated into the contract between the parties. We will spend time to ensure that your terms of business are properly incorporated into contracts with customers or suppliers.

Once you have standard terms of business, you should have them reviewed regularly to ensure they are still fit for purpose.

Also, from time to time, new legislation or case law means that standard terms of business need updating to ensure that you contain to trade on terms that are beneficial to you.


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"Actons' team of ‘experienced’ advisers provides ‘clear and concise advice’. The department primarily focuses on owner-managed businesses and small-to-medium-sized enterprises, but also regularly undertakes work for banks and other funding providers."
The Legal 500 2018 (Insolvency and corporate recovery)
"Actons have acted for NEST Management Limited for over 10 years on all legal matters including a range of complex agreements, trademarks, property and employment. During that time Simon has been our key advisor and has helped us in all aspects of our legal requirements. We are delighted to work with Simon who we see as vital extension of our own team and an important part of our Company’s success."
Gerard Turvey, Managing Director of NEST Management
"I love Actons; they are great. I know that you have to review suppliers every now and then, but we would not want to change them anytime soon. I think that they genuinely like us as people, and we have a good working relationship, which they work hard at maintaining."
Director – Shredall & SDS
"The people that I have worked with have always been very, very good. I use them for their commercial acumen."
Managing Director – Link Integrated Security Solutions
Noted for its particular investment in the private healthcare industry, Actons 'very professional' team focuses primarily on advising owner-managed businesses and SMEs on acquisitions and disposals. Simon Dakin continues to be very active in multimillion-pound corporate transactions. The 'diligent and hardworking' Peter Flowerday has considerable expertise assisting clients with corporate and commercial deals.
The Legal 500 2021: Corporate & Commercial: Nottingham & Derby

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