Child arrangements

We can help with: Financial arrangements Where a child should live Contact ...


Child support

Our experienced family solicitor, Mike Spencer, can provide expert advice and help issues ...



To get divorced you must have been married for at least one year, can show that your marriage has ...


Living together

Cohabitation agreements are extremely important if children are involved - where they will live and ...


Money & property

Complications can arise when dealing with trusts, properties, business assets, inheritance and ...


Pre-nup and Post-nup agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements Pre-nuptial agreements are made between two people before they get...


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Approach relationships with caution: Cohabiting couples must read

We live in an era where couples are, more often than not, cohabiting and providing one another with financial support as if they are married.  Whilst this may seem like a modern approach ...


Divorcing women missing out on pension payments

During divorce proceedings women are ignoring more than £5bn in pensions payments every year. According to a recent report, the vast majority of couples did not discuss pensions as a pa...