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Commercial Property & Insolvency

If you find yourself in financial difficulties and your family home or investment property is at risk because of bankruptcy, we can help.

We work closely with our highly acclaimed insolvency team to advise on all the property aspects surrounding insolvency.

  • Property sales by trustees in bankruptcy, liquidators and administrators
  • Law of Property Act Receiverships
  • Advising insolvency practitioners on other property related issues including granting leases and licences to occupy, the surrender or disclaimer of leases and issues arising in respect of leases and tenancies granted by an insolvent company or person in their capacity as a landlord
  • Assisting bankrupt individuals and their spouses and partners with the purchase of the trustee in bankruptcy’s interest in the family home (or other property)
  • Advising Landlords and Tenants affected by the insolvency of the other parties.

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